Thursday, 13 October 2016

BSB: It's Byrne Vs Haslam

This weekend, Brand's Hatch GP circuit hosts the final round of the 2016 British Superbike championship. There have been many different race winners across the season and numerous other podium finishers but the two riders who have been ever present at the top, Byrne and Haslam are the only two riders with a realistic chance of winning the championship with three races left in the season.

Over the course of the year we have seen that the warmer conditions have favoured Byrne and the Ducati as he is able to get more mileage out of the more grippy zero compound. This isn't to say Byrne has dropped off the pace, more that Haslam is on a more even footing despite the fact that Brand's Hatch is Shane Byrne's local track.

It is Byrne who holds the current advantage but that could very easily slip away. For Haslam the equation is simple, he must beat Byrne in all three races and hope that another rider or two can get in between them to make up the 17 point deficete. It is very difficult to call the winner, both riders have been at the very top of their game, particularly in recent rounds but with the added pressure of winning the championship and the milder and more mixed conditions anything could happen!

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